Prices & Services.


We don’t show prices on our web-site because every project has its own specific characteristics. The price depends on a variety of parameters, e.g. time for performance, original format, requirements to the translation, layout complexity, etc. Therefore we would’ve had to post a long price list with a lot of exceptions and adjustment coefficients, and without professional assistance, it would’ve been difficult for customers to puzzle out and to get clear understanding of the final cost.

Our approach is very simple and logical – you send your materials for translation to our e-mail address or by a courier provided by our company, and our sales department evaluates them and prepares information on the translation work price and duration.

In addition, we would be happy to sign a fixed price service agreement with you.

A new popular service is consultancy on localization of Russian products for foreign markets or of foreign products for the Russian market. It is not a secret that localization costs are sometimes huge. And unprofessional process arrangement or disregard to language nuances at the development stage can significantly increase them. This is where our participation and competence can help avoiding many “mines”.

In addition to pay services, we provide a set of free services:

  • Test translation for new customers (up to 500 words);
  • Assessment of materials received (it should be noted here that the initial processing and evaluation of documentation of high volume, in particular in graphic formats, is a labour-consuming procedure, at that the customer doesn’t always confirm his/her order; nevertheless, this service is free of charge);
  • Development of project dictionaries and style guides;
  • Separate accounts for multiple contact persons within one company;
  • CD or DVD recoding;
  • Courier delivery of original materials, translation, and/or accounting documentation.

We offer our clients a special discount and bonus programmes. Our sales department will provide you with more detailed information on request.