Tricky Calculations.


Comparing the prices published on websites of various translation companies, you can often see very attractive figures. But what will be the final cost of translation for corporate customers per page? It’s a paradox, but often 350 rubles are more expensive than 600 rubles. How can this happen? Let's try to describe this mechanism.

Let's say that the declared price for translation from English into Russian is 350 rubles per page, and this is usually just the beginning of the calculation. For urgency (>6-8 pages per day) and complexity (technical translation, contractual documentation, etc.) they charge extra, at least, 50% (extra charge can reach 100% in each category), i.e. the price is already up to 525 rubles per page minimum.  And if you add VAT here, the total price per page with VAT included will amount to at least 620 rubles. That's actually the rationale for the seemingly paradoxical assertion.

Therefore, we encourage customers to consider not only the price announced in the promotional materials, but to take into account all conditions that affect it very much. In addition, it is also necessary to keep in mind risks for corporate customers associated with the purchase of "low-budget" translation services:

  • Lack of translation verification by an editor being a specialist in the industry;
  • Lack of flexibility for different volumes of translation (for example, simultaneous receipt of orders from several departments of one customer can "paralyze" a small translation company, causing a lot of mistakes and shortcomings, or fulfillment of orders will be very lengthy);
  • Lack of a well-functioning team of editors, who profess the same principles and use the same approaches in their work, which is necessary in the implementation of projects covering several industries;
  • Untimely translation delivery due to personal circumstances in case of work directly with freelancers (illness, problems with PC/software, problems with Internet access, other circumstances);
  • Limited opportunities for prepress;
  • Very limited capacity to provide additional services;
  • Untimely preparation of documents for accounting.

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