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The issues of effifient spendings and risk reduction play an increasingly important role in the current complicated economic conditions.

Taking this fact into account and being constantly concerned with wishes of customers, our company has built a system that allows to resolve both issues.

Information technologies have introduced a lot of new and useful means in almost every sphere of human life, and the translation industry is not an exception. Modern technologies allow you to significantly reduce costs of technical translation. Translation Memory systems allow to enter each translated segment into a database and then automatically display previous translation to the translator in case of exact or fuzzy match.

When translating, for example, catalogues in which descriptions, headings, product names and technical specifications are often repeated, especially when the release of updated versions is regular, the use of this modern translation technology ensures terminology consistency and significant cost savings. The price for translation of each repetition is 15% of the full price only (i.e. 85% discount)). In our practice, many times we translated documents, in which the share of repetitions could reach as much as 30-35% that meant a 25-30% discount on the entire volume of the order.

Also, in course of the documentation development process, customers often prepare several versions of the same documents, and each needs to be translated. At the same time, in course of next version revision, a large number of changes can be made which are extremely difficult to track, especially when several people participate in their preparation and neither Microsoft Word nor a similar program with a change tracking mode is used. Therefore, companies often have to translate the next version from scratch.

Translation Memory systems allow to accurately estimate in advance the amount of work on the translation of modified versions by analyzing new texts and comparing them with previous versions stored in the Translation Memory database. For matching text segment, the program will offer to use previously made translation that can be simply accepted or modified and accepted by the translator. In this case, the price for 100% match will be 1/3 only of the full price. If inserts of a new text are found, the program will highlight them for the translator.

High quality of translation and low level of risks require reasonable remuneration, and we have managed to find the optimal balance!

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