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Work for Freelancers

We invite for cooperation translators with over five-year work experience.

To submit your application:

  1. Fill out the questionnaire.
  2. Translate a test text in your domain (see links below). If you work in several domains then we would ask to complete a test in each domain.
  3. Write a short CV (under one page) describing your translation qualification and experience.
  4. Pack all of the above in a ZIP-file and send to our e-mail address.

Written Tests

Drilling equipment-1 (eng-rus)

Medicine (eng-rus)

Drilling equipment-2 (eng-rus)

Pumps (eng-rus)

Video equipment (eng-rus)

Oil wells (eng-rus)

Gas turbines (eng-rus)

Ore preparation (eng-rus)

Geology (eng-rus)

Ore preparation (rus-eng)

Geology (rus-eng)

Law-1 (eng-rus)

Geophysics Equipment (eng-rus)

Law-2 (eng-rus)

Hydraulics (eng-rus)

Oil field development (eng-rus)

Railways (rus-eng)

Oil field development (rus-eng)

Information Technology (eng-rus)

Agricultural Machines (eng-rus)

Information Technology (rus-eng)

Telecommunications-1 (eng-rus)

Logging (eng-rus)

Telecommunications-2 (eng-rus)

Valves (eng-rus)

Electrical engineering (eng-rus)

Machinery (eng-rus)